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Some Fun Tonight!

The Backstage Story of How the Beatles Rocked America: The Historic Tours of 1964-1966

This comprehensive two-volume set will give you a city-by-city synopsis of the group’s activities as they traveled the United States and Canada for their groundbreaking series of concerts. From San Francisco’s Cow Palace show on August 19, 1964, these books cover the music and the madness that characterized the Beatles’ three North American tours. With hundreds of photographs and images of rare memorabilia that you’ve never seen before, it is truly the definitive reference for what is arguably the most important period in the Beatles’ long and winding career. You’ll read about the behind-the-scenes negotiations, the mayhem at the airports and hotels, and the cheeky quotes delivered at the press conferences. You’ll also read about the opening acts, the concerts, and the stories behind the shows through the eyes of the Beatles, their entourage, the promoters, the emcees, and the fans.

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“This book is a work of art”

—Larry Kane, the only broadcast journalist to travel to every stop on the Beatles’ 1964 and 1965 tours.

“I was totally blown away….”

—Bob Eubanks, producer of the Beatles’ 1964 and 1965 Hollywood Bowl concerts.

“Truly, some of the most gorgeous and revealing photographs I’ve seen….”

—Binky Philips, for The Huffington Post

“Be sure to add [this] new book to your list of must have items.”

—Bruce Spizer, Beatles historian and author.

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