Below the 23rd Latitude

I have spent the better part of two and a half decades working as a correspondent, bureau chief and editor below the 23rd Parallel North, mostly in Mexico and Caribbean, but also throughout Central America, in Haiti and in parts of South America.

International Awards

Loyal Clients


Malecon, Havana

Honors and Awards

-U.S. Army War College, member of 2011 weeklong National Security Seminar.

-2010 The Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, University of North Texas, Third Place in Literary Excellence for book chapter and synopsis entitled “Elian”

Associated Press Gramling Achievement Award, $10,000 company award in 2001 for setting up AP’s Havana bureau and developing its staff and infrastructure.

Inter American Press Association fellowship in 1988 for one year of study and work in Mexico. Completed a multiple part series on immigration published by the Orange County Register.